Founded in the 1980s, the Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists dedicates itself to the advancement of Latino engineers and scientists. SOLES encourages participation of all students and is comprised primarily of Latino students from a variety of backgrounds and with an emphasis in engineering and science. The purpose of this organization is to arouse an academic involvement, create community outreach programs, and form academic support groups. We achieve this by building student unity, providing professional and leadership development, and offering workshops, guest speakers, conferences, retreats, fundraisers, and social activities.


To empower the community to reach its full potential by advancing Latino success in STEM at San Jose State University.


SOLES graduates are STEM professionals who continuously foster progress and innovation in the world.




Eulises Valdovinos

Angel Gonzalez
Co-Vice President

Darrell Munoz
Co-Vice President

Michelle Espinoza

Wilton Chang

Jacquelin Salinas
Co-SE Chair

Andres Arreola
Co-SE Chair

Hugo Quiroz
Marketing Chair

Mauricio Ruiz
Social Chair

The SOLES Outreach Committee coordinates major events such as the ones mentioned below:


An event that exposes high-school students to a day in the life of a science or engineering student at San Jose State University. This includes attending classes, laboratories, study sessions, club project rooms as well a tour of the campus. In addition, students are given the opportunity to interact with SJSU students and ask them questions via an interactive panel.


SHPE JR chapters were created in 2005 to bridge the gap between high school and college as well as to make the transition smoother. Members of SHPE JR chapters are oriented towards STEM fields and are exposed to college life as well as to industry professionals. Currently, SOLES has established SHPE JR chapters in Mt. Pleasant High School, Santa Teresa High School and Overfelt High School. SOLES members constantly strive to mentor members of JR chapters through their college experience.


Partially funded by SHPE, Noches De Ciencias aims to broaden the participation of Latinos in STEM related fields through hands-on activities and financial aid workshops. Noche De Ciencias serves as a catalyst for young Latino students to not only pursue a career in STEM, but do so with the help of SOLES.


Science Extravaganza is put on by SOLES with help from MAES and volunteers from other engineering organizations on campus. The goal of SE is to inspire young middle and high school students to pursue a career in STEM related fields. This is achieved through engineering workshops as well as science experiments and demonstrations. With over 350 attendees, Science Extravaganza is the single largest student-run event on campus.


SJSU SOLES Career Network
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The Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC)
Located in Engineering Room 344. Peer advising, tutoring, professional development, career guidance, and much more.

Join us for Science Extravaganza on Saturday, February 8!

Science Extravaganza is an event hosted by SOLES with the help of MAES and other engineering organizations on campus. The aim of this event is not only to encourage middle and high school students to pursue a higher education, but to do so in a STEM related field. This is achieved through engineering related workshops and hands-on science experiments. With more than 350 students attending year after year, Science Extravaganza continues to inspire tomorrow's bright minds and the future of Silicon Valley!

To learn more about Science Extravaganza and how to volunteer see:

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